Resume & Cover Letter

It’s not you it’s your resume!

Have you been applying for hundreds of jobs that you are certain that you qualify for, but never hear back from a recruiter? Chances are that your resume is not optimized for the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by recruiters.

Resume writing has changed over the years. All major companies now use the ATS system to sift through the thousands of resumes they receive before they even start reading them. You may have all the experience and the qualifications for your dream job but if your resume is not optimized to get through the initial hurdle of the ATS system, you might never get that interview.

Lucky for you, I can optimize your resume to get through this initial hurdle. All you need to do is provide your existing resume along with some additional information during our kick-off call and I will have an optimized resume ready in no time!

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