Brown hat wearing old man

You old man, walking with your stroll, you old man!
You red and black shirt-with-a-brown-hat-on … you old man.
Whatcha doing on these streets, you old man?
Striding down the alley, you fragile man!
Are you going to cross the street? You old man?
You’re coming this way, you old man!
You glasses-wearing-brown-hat man!
Now you’re sitting in front of me, you old man!
You work at 711? you old man.
Pre occupied, early-bird man!
I see you playing with your phone, old man.
Technologically advanced man?
I was startled! I looked and I saw your head lifeless!
So I went over to see. I can see that your eyes are closed, your head hanging towards the floor, waving as the bus rolls.
Your sleeping old man but didn’t you just wake up? Brown-hat man?


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