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When the sun fell in love with the moon

He rose up early and painted beautiful skies,
Even for a few minutes, he tried!
He stayed up as late as he could at night,
Even when he was drowning,
He tried to shed some light.

Then it dawned on him:
It’s his arrival that makes the moon go away,
And entire planets depended on his arrival.
With sadness and without choice,
He decided to forever paint the skies for the moon 🌙 
Hoping she will realize why he has to go away every night. has some beautiful moonstones and a variety of natural gemstones. 

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Gemstones are like butterflies 

A trained eye knows the value when they find a gem in the rough, covered in mud. We all have gem like qualities, talents covered in mud, waiting to be found. Perhaps they have been found and are now getting polished. Maybe they are already found, polished and ready to be adorned by the person that’s truly seeking it. 

Whatever phase we may be in, we shouldn’t get frustrated. 
The caterpillar will eventually turn into a butterfly and fly away. 

Life will look different then. Your perspectives will change and new possibilities will open up when you flutter your wings. The “oh no’s” will change to “oh my’s”. Then you will appreciate the time you spent in the mud even more. 

There’s beauty in everything. If we remember to be mindful, we can appreciate each stage instead of drowning in hopelessness. 

There’ll be enough hands along the way that will toss you around because they won’t see your value through the mud or the inclusions. Those tosses are not your failures. They are THEIR mistakes. Through that, harden yourself and embrace your natural tone. A gem’s value increases with its hardness. It’s also more fitting for it to be in the hands of someone that appreciates and knows what they have when they wear it. 

Remember, a monkey won’t know the difference between a gem and an ordinary rock. But a princess does. 

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