There’s distance: I see you, but you don’t see me.
I can’t help it, my eyes keep looking for you,
This is a comfort that makes me bleed,
Because your still there and I am still here.

I can see your every movement, whether I want to, or not.
Hoping you will run into me, somehow.
Writing this down is the only way I can express myself,
I am bad with words.

There’s a sense of need in your demeanor.
You move so swiftly,
I wonder whether you know that?
When I look at you, I have a feeling that you know that I am looking at you.
I don’t stare, even though I want to.

Sometimes I just want to come and get you by the hand,
Just walk, no words, not even eye contact.
Then, when I feel like that the time is right, I will kiss you,
As long as I feel that I don’t have to try.

Are you shy? Or are you proud?
Are you like everyone else who wants attention?
There are questions, and I am curious,
The fact that I will not find answers … is ridiculous.

Sometimes I think that you look from the corner of your eye,
Then we both look away at the same time.
When I am looking, you’re not looking,
When you’re looking, I pretend not to see.

I move my neck, stretch and change positions,
Stare at the black glass in front of me, that outlines your face.
Maybe you’re looking at me, but I can’t see your eyes.

Are you distracted by the fool next to you?
I know he keeps looking at you.
But I haven’t seen you giving him any attention.


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