Your lips … they are art,
Your hands … they are waves.
Your movements are electrifying,
like a leaf on a lake, lit by a full moon.
With each movement you create,
Every inch, every corner of my heart is caught on fire,
Like a sculpture, in accord with the wind.
My heart is bound, my desires contained, sealed, locked away.
Thinking about your lips against mine,
Your fingers running down my face,
My senses refreshed by your breath.
My soul out of my being watching your smile as you gently kiss me.
Your guard down; unconventionally carefree,
As you let your self linger with mine.
From your speech I create what’s out of reach,
It looks real and meant to be.
My imagination gets the best of it!
I interpret your movements as a subtle language,
Hidden in subtle code.
Each movement of the finger, to your blinking of eyes,
A mystery, a desire, a moment waiting to happen …

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