A Tree

Take that axe and swing it … give it all you got!
You don’t need any encouragement, I know.
But I feel better when I do.
No need to worry about aim, the target will find you.
The target isn’t trying to runaway, rather, it is enticed.
I am guessing it gives you relief? Although … temporary?
Sure, take a break, a tree won’t go anywhere.
Here, sit here, there’s more shade here.
Let me lower the branch so you can have some fruit.
Ripe! You say? Tasty? I mean the tree wouldn’t know.
Are you going to try and chop the same side or are you going to randomly swing the axe?
It doesn’t really matter, the tree will fall eventually.
I see so your trying to figure out what you are going to make?
An ornament? A chair? A table?

For you?

That can’t be blood now can it?
I mean a tree can’t bleed? It can’t feel pain?
How would you know? You’re not a tree.
Anyway, swing wide and give it some force,
Soon you might hear a crispy sound,
It can’t be a cry? I mean the thuds when the axe hits the bark, they are merely thuds right?
Maybe the tree is singing, at each deadly stroke inflicted by you?
Madness right? It’s just a tree,
You want to make something for you.
In the meanwhile, enjoy it’s company and shade.
You’re smiling? Adorable! AH, the tree fell. I think it’s worth your smile.
It’s dead? Well I mean it is a tree, how can it die?
Found your piece? Made up your mind on what you want to make?
An ornament, is it now?
Ah, finally! done? You want to paint it?
I guess the wood needs beautification?
Will it protest? It is wood! How could it?
Put it up with your ornaments,
Maybe some kid might pick it up one day and give it a pat and ask where you got it from.
No more shade or fruits though; you got it in your basement now,
Do you even remember it?
I mean the tree?
The one, which fell? The one, which yearned for your smile?
The one, which collapsed for you embrace?
It is just a tree right? I mean there are more of them.
It didn’t bleed or cry when you chopped it right?
I am just nuts aren’t I?
You’re right, dead trees don’t talk!


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