I like to watch you fly,
Watching you is my hearts’ splendor.
I run to the garden at irregular hours,
Sometimes you’re not there.
I sit and wait, wandering, hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

I try to rest my mind, but you’re always there.
I am closest to you when I close my eyes.
You linger in my thoughts from sun up to sun down.
I am trapped; I am trapped by your elegance,
I crave being around you … This, I am afraid to admit.
I want to hold you in my arms and whisper secrets.
Why are you trapped?
Why are you not spreading your beautiful wings?
It kills me to see you in hiding,
It kills me more to not see you at all.
Your freedom I desire more than my need for you,
To see you fly and light up the mundane garden,
Without fear, free to paint joy with your wings.
If you were to fly, I’d be your air,
Unnoticed, yet always there,
When you’re tired I’ll carry you,
You’ll have to trust me, this I dare.
Even if you don’t, I wouldn’t care,
You wouldn’t have to look for me,
I’ll be your breath, your air.
Time is a sinking ship,
I am not on it.
I am at a garden where time never starts or stops.



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