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The cutie flew again

This cute little thing came crashing down and fell on the couch right behind me at this quaint coffee house in Rishikesh India. I was having a cup of coffee with a sweet Brazilian couple I met at the yoga school I will attend next week, when Jeanie said “oh my I think she didn’t see the glass”.

I’ve always had a sweet spot for animals and have rescued a few as a kid. So naturally, I was drawn to do something for the poor bird. Jeanie is a very kind hearted person, she was right there with me as I grabbed a newspaper that was on the table to get the injured bird outside, in case it tries to fly inside the coffee house and run into more trouble.

It was apparent that it hurt its feet in the process of crashing into the window. They looked crooked and unusual. I asked the waiter to bring us some water. The bird had its mouth open, and a closer look made me feel as if it was in shock. So, I figured some water might help. Jeanie’s kindness was so admirable. She was holding a napkin over the bird to keep away the sunlight.

It was apparent that the bird didn’t have the senses to reach into the bowl to get water, so I let some water drop from my fingertip.


The bird was drinking the water!

It gave us both hope. We couldn’t help but have compassion for this beautiful creature as we caressed it gently with love, wishing for it to get better. Jeannie was constantly telling positive things to the bird and it was so pleasing to my ears as well. After a while, the bird closed its mouth, so I stopped offering it water. We got the waiter to bring us some rice hoping that it would eat it.

A few minutes passed as we both intensely stared at this beautiful bird with nothing but kindness and well wishes. Little by little, it appeared that the bird was regaining its senses. A feeling of utter joy entered my heart every second as I watched it turn its tiny head from one side to another. To me, it seemed like it was now observing us: two strangers staring at it, offering it water.

Jeanie said, “It’s amazing how this bird is trusting us”. I said, “I think animals can sense what we feel towards them”. A minute or two later, it attempted to fly. It wasn’t that successful as it landed a few inches from the table. We were very optimistic. We said “agh, its getting better, look! The feet doesn’t seem to be crooked anymore!”

The bird flew away with elegance a minute later and landed on a near by tree. We high five’d as Jeanie said, “yay, we did it”. Pure bliss and peace filled my mind. There’s so much joy in helping someone for in and of itself. There were no heroes in that moment. There was only that moment. That shared experience.

In this materialistic world, everything seems to be some sort of transaction. Sometimes happiness is doing something for someone that can never return the favor. I was the one that was blessed by the opportunity to experience that moment. To watch a beautiful bird fly again.

Perhaps nothing I did contributed to it. Perhaps it had everything to do with the love Jeanie and I showed it. But it’s not about that. It’s about that split second. That split second that we saw the bird fly again. That rush of bliss that entered our hearts. That … is worth everything. It was not forced, staged or had any sort of ulterior motive.

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When the sun fell in love with the moon

He rose up early and painted beautiful skies,
Even for a few minutes, he tried!
He stayed up as late as he could at night,
Even when he was drowning,
He tried to shed some light.

Then it dawned on him:
It’s his arrival that makes the moon go away,
And entire planets depended on his arrival.
With sadness and without choice,
He decided to forever paint the skies for the moon 🌙 
Hoping she will realize why he has to go away every night. has some beautiful moonstones and a variety of natural gemstones. 

Follow them on Instagram at: LankanSapphires 

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Gemstones are like butterflies 

A trained eye knows the value when they find a gem in the rough, covered in mud. We all have gem like qualities, talents covered in mud, waiting to be found. Perhaps they have been found and are now getting polished. Maybe they are already found, polished and ready to be adorned by the person that’s truly seeking it. 

Whatever phase we may be in, we shouldn’t get frustrated. 
The caterpillar will eventually turn into a butterfly and fly away. 

Life will look different then. Your perspectives will change and new possibilities will open up when you flutter your wings. The “oh no’s” will change to “oh my’s”. Then you will appreciate the time you spent in the mud even more. 

There’s beauty in everything. If we remember to be mindful, we can appreciate each stage instead of drowning in hopelessness. 

There’ll be enough hands along the way that will toss you around because they won’t see your value through the mud or the inclusions. Those tosses are not your failures. They are THEIR mistakes. Through that, harden yourself and embrace your natural tone. A gem’s value increases with its hardness. It’s also more fitting for it to be in the hands of someone that appreciates and knows what they have when they wear it. 

Remember, a monkey won’t know the difference between a gem and an ordinary rock. But a princess does. 

Find your gem here:

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So, you think you know it all?

Don’t expect someone that didn’t see you break a sweat to understand your journey.

Sometimes it’s all about how you interpret something. For some, a journey is straightforward, so when they see someone that is curious and don’t mind getting lost, they may interpret the wanderer as someone that’s lost. But, isn’t life more about the journey and less about the destination? Then again, sometimes it’s less about the journey and more about the destination.

Some journeys, like the Annapurna circuit in Nepal, is about the journey AND the destination. Which brings me to my point: it’s always better not to jump to conclusions about another’s experiences or choices. Don’t play God.

A person’s experiences in life, what they do and why they do it, is a subjective mystery for everyone (except the person). Who can see the insides of someone’s mind, their emotional state, their true desires, to be able to accurately decipher why they chose chocolate over ice cream?

Perhaps I am one of those that feel as if I can sense the pressure of the probing eyes of those who know me, wandering what I’m doing with my life. I feel as if I can sense their judgmental (not always negative) interpretations as to what may be going on with me. Perhaps they are right. If so, they know about the inner workings of my mind and heart more than I do. But, do they really? On the other hand, they are making judgments based on their subjective understanding of the world and the even more limited understanding of who I am as a being. For in reality, we all pick and choose what we share with the external world.

We share our sense of fashion with total strangers by the way we dress (whether we intend to or not), while our smile can communicate our stress-levels to someone that’s known us for years. Since there’s no exact science (to my knowledge) that accurately decipher what’s goes-on inside someone, the goal is not to figure out how to get that information. It’s none of our business to figure out something that another person is purposely hiding. THAT, is an invasion of privacy and extremely annoying. What’s more annoying is when people THINK they know what’s going on and try to interpret or TELL the person as if they know what’s going on with them.

In my opinion, it’s better to make anyone feel at ease and accepted, so they can freely share and be themselves around us without fear of judgment. Let them define who they are to us. Listen more and remind yourself to put your interpretations in check. That will open up an opportunity for honest conversations rather than playing hide and seek. Hide and seek is best played with kids, not adult behavior.

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For a realistic win

Whatever you do with integrity,

When taken away abruptly,

Don’t panic, simply hold steady.

Not every victory is straightforward,

Even when you feel cheated, defeated,

Do something else you always wanted.

Let time decide when it’s over,

Use your time, it’s not forever,

Hardships inflicted may be a favor.

Let compassion be always dominant,

Without it, never try to be prominent,

Be real, kind-hearted and persistent. 

With time, your story will unfold,

It’ll bring to light the pain untold,

There’s more to life than more gold. 

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Getting old 

When the tea becomes cold,

And there’s no hand to hold,

You are now getting old;

No point doing as your’re told.

You realize there’s a hole,

As you search within your soul;

Like a fisherman with no pole,

You keep fighting for your goal.

Some just want to be a mole,

Watch out! They will take a toll.

Those who are looking for coal,

Use the kind-hearted to maul.

Don’t treat me like some doll,

Or a cat with a plastic ball.

I don’t have to wait for your call;

Or for Saul to change into Paul.

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Any given day 

Always keep things simple,

And remember to be nimble.

It won’t pay, but stay humble,

Care not much about a dimple;

Reality is more about the pimple.

Do things that may seem ridiculous,

Not to you, but for the superfluous.

Not for their sake: live scrupulous,

Follow your passions and be meticulous.

You’ll find many smiles to be dubious, 

That’s not your problem, Mr. studious!

Pay less attention to things too fabulous, 

Be careful with time, when your laborious.

Whatever it is, that helps you sleep,

Shouldn’t bother your neighbor, please!

Spread jam on toast not hate on prose,

We can only handle each other in a dose. 

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Social Media Strategy for 2019

Social media, in many ways, is where the public meet the company face­-to-­face (digitally).

It is also where a company’s achievements, leadership, and influence should permeate, especially since digital activity on mobile devices (where social media dominates), has been increasing rapidly.

Over the past few years, we have seen massive growth, both in audience expansion as well as engagement, driving traffic to other web resources, and most importantly, leads.

In order to capitalize growth and build a strong presence in digital for the future, I propose the following organizational structure and strategy.

Social Media Srtategy.png

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Since you must be polite all the time, let me be rude in my writing, slightly and oh yeah, incoherent (coz I can, when I want to). So judge me.

There comes a point in life that dreaming about what makes you happy simply isn’t enough. Well, at least it did to me. It sure didn’t happen overnight and a lot of different things contributed to the realization of what that is, over a considerable period of time.

The tears, fears, disappointments, hurts, people, circumstances, PEOPLE, did I say PEE POLES?!!!

… you name it.

It was this lingering feeling that I always pushed to the side, thinking I will do it when I have this, or when I have this and that figured out.

But one fine day, life twisted my arm and kicked me in the nuts and instead of drowning in tears or uncertainty, I decided to just fucking do it. I don’t like to cuss, but I want to be honest here. So, if that offended you, I’m sorry, then again, I’m not. The preceding lines will explain as to why I am not. The apology was for formalities sake. But we don’t care about that anymore do we? Trump’s proof of that!

Anyway, that’s how I felt after everything I’ve gone through that month and the years leading up to that FINE day. So, as it is with most major decisions in life, with a lot of uncertainty and tons of faith to make it work no-matter-how, I convinced myself that time for me to live was NOW!

If you happen to know me in real life, you would know me as however you describe me behind my back to someone that’ll never tell me how you described me. Mostly nice, I hope, if not, I don’t care if you can’t say it to my FACE.

But we all know that who we really are and what we really want in life are often buried deep inside of the facade and the act we put on in public. Yeah, ACTORS/ACTRESSES! it’s not a secret anymore. We all act. That’s why we wrap our privates in fancy cloth! Or you are afraid they’ll fall off?

Well, at least most of us don’t go around wearing a robe that outline all things we hope to be and do in life. Heck, I didn’t even have a clue of how I could live out just this one aspect of one of my life-long dreams. And I am not saying that I am living it out just yet, but I’m sure as hell close to it than I was ever before.

Life … well I’ll stop about life right there. I have no clue what life is yet. I’d be lying to you if I was to say it’s this or that. So, let’s say this one passion of mine was a huge driving force for me to go get my education, but it also made me miserable when I realized that even with that (with added nonsense after my name), I didn’t happen to be one of the lucky ones that could just go out and do it.

The best way to describe what I experienced from time to time since that one FINE day when life twisted my arm, is “there’s no pearl without pain.” These are my grandmothers words that I reminisce whenever sorrow tries to dominate my mind. Sorrow is real (and normal in subjective doses), in case you are one of those that think it’s only for sissies or think that you need deliverance every time you feel it. No offense, but I’d rather not hear about it if that’s what you think. That said, I hardly express it. It’s really none of anyone else’s business anyway.

So, yeah, again about that day. That FINE day: What felt like an utter robbery of my efforts, a squeezing out of brainpower like orange juice from an orange, I was able to hand over to the hands of the almighty and say, well, justice, you take care of this one. And me? I’m going to hit the road.

So, here I am, at 4:00 am, waiting for a connecting flight for 6 hours (for an hour’s worth journey) popping Tylenol to cope with the shivers and fever, yet, happy though, as a freezing kid in the snow, finally having the balls to write about that FINE day. So, in this interpreted version of what happened, things are cool. Stellar. Fantastic. Rockin’. And most importantly, FREE. Yeah. FREE. SO, SUCK IT. Or Swallow it!

My flight will be in less than two more hours. Ciao!

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3 things I learned from my trip to the Rocky Mountains

1. Negatives may be hidden positives

While we were on an off-road hike, it started to rain and snow from time to time. At the time, we got a bit nervous because we had hiked non-stop for a few hours and had a few hours back down through the woods. Later on, while getting close to our campsite, I realized that:

  • The short stops we took because of the rain was much needed for everyone in the group to recover
  • The rain cooled things-off when it started to get a bit too hot

Sometimes things won’t make sense right then and there. But, when you reflect back, from a fresh perspective, even the unpleasant moments can be seen in a different light.

2. It’s in the way that you use it 

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes your strength in one area can be a weakness in another. If I had to tried to outrun my friend that was trailing ahead of me, I might have gotten too exhausted to enjoy the scenic views once I got there. I decided that in order to keep up with him, I was going to keep a steady pace and take shorter breaks.

My friend’s approach, which worked for him, was to sprint through large steps and take a long break once he reached flatter ground. My competitive nature wanted to do the same, but I didn’t want to be exhausted. In the end, we both reached our destination simultaneously.

3. Take a minute or two … or three!!! 

I always find myself torn between wanting to stop at every beautiful spot and taking a picture Vs. wanting to blaze my way to the top as fast as I can. Part of me wants to savor the beautiful wild flowers and skip rocks on still waters, and the other part is in a rush to get to the “grand view”.

This time around, since I wasn’t rushing through, I took time to appreciate the wildflowers. I am so glad that I did. We can get too caught up on the future and forget to live the present. My past, now, is perhaps a bit more colorful, because I took those stops and didn’t power through the hike. If I was to look at a video of the hike, there will be more footage of me taking-in the beauty of Adam’s Falls than me panting, trying to catch my breath. There are times you make a run for it and times you pace yourself.

Here’s a short video of a few hikes that we took in Boulder and at the Rocky Mountain National Park, CO.