My Digital Universe, Poems

For a realistic win

Whatever you do with integrity,

When taken away abruptly,

Don’t panic, simply hold steady.

Not every victory is straightforward,

Even when you feel cheated, defeated,

Do something else you always wanted.

Let time decide when it’s over,

Use your time, it’s not forever,

Hardships inflicted may be a favor.

Let compassion be always dominant,

Without it, never try to be prominent,

Be real, kind-hearted and persistent. 

With time, your story will unfold,

It’ll bring to light the pain untold,

There’s more to life than more gold. 

My Digital Universe, Poems

Getting old 

When the tea becomes cold,

And there’s no hand to hold,

You are now getting old;

No point doing as your’re told.

You realize there’s a hole,

As you search within your soul;

Like a fisherman with no pole,

You keep fighting for your goal.

Some just want to be a mole,

Watch out! They will take a toll.

Those who are looking for coal,

Use the kind-hearted to maul.

Don’t treat me like some doll,

Or a cat with a plastic ball.

I don’t have to wait for your call;

Or for Saul to change into Paul.