Leaves and the roots

When a leaf falls,
Swaying side to side,
Does it have hope?
No one really cares.

The once green branches,
Now still; those skeletons!
Ah! It must be fall,
For a Tree to loose its splendor.

Leaves fall,
Do they just fall?
Isn’t it graceful?
When they fall?
Swaying so gracefully,
Side to side.

What is a tree without leaves?
Is it baron? Or still alive?
I like the leaves,
How they flutter in the wind,
I am not sad when I see them fall,
I feel bad when others don’t notice their goodbye.

There are three skeletons,
And two trees,
Two has leaves: they stay close to each other.
The skeletons stand still,
Are they awaiting their turn?
What happened to their leaves?
I think the leaves are keeping the skeletons alive!
How? Well, leaves are selfless,
Leaves die so trees can grow high,
The roots know the truth,
But no one cares about the roots either.
Yet, the roots keep the trees still.

I wish I could see the roots,
See the intricate beauty,
So hidden, so noble,
Roots don’t know compliments or glory,
Roots don’t care,
They know the truth.




Where the wind blows:
At times tossed, turned or even rattled,
Rain comes- rain goes,
Yesterday, today or tomorrow?

Sunny days- warm smiles,
Minutes pass, don’t come back.
Cold nights- frozen tears,
Mock away past cheers,
Wind blows: leaves fall,
Child throws away the doll.

New day: same measures,
Past rules- past fears.
Stone wall- false hope,
Tossed away across the shore.
Birds fly, snakes crawl,
Dog barks but mountains don’t Fall!